I can't find my cost of goods reimbursement on the payment page




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    It was a good idea having the safe and secure payment thingy but I'm surprised that Goget is holding the money for the cost of goods at the first place. Which means gogetter have to spend the amount of money every time and got hold for the time being till your side to release. Why do we as a gogetter have to use our own money and to be hold till a week time? Doesn't make sense.

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    GoGet Support

    Hi Zoe,

    Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, this is because at the moment we are only performing all online banking transactions on a weekly basis. Nonetheless, we are exploring other alternatives. Not withstanding that, once the amount appears in your GoGetter statement, it will be utilised to offset GoGet Commission incurred when you claim other jobs. Essentially it is not true to assume GoGetters' money is being "hold till a week time".

    Hope the above explanation helps.

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    Nurul Akma Hamzah

    in payment info mentioned to put amount without tips fee(item amount only) ,, item cost rm17, goget tips rm14., customer has made pymt via online transfer but why its only credited rm14 into my account? where the rm17 ?? that i paid by my own to bought custmer item.? total should
    be rm31

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