How can I become a GoGetter?




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    Justin Ngan

    I am unable to select GoGetter under my profile, it's auto to select as JobPoster. May i know what happen?

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    Nazereen Pisol

    I am not able to get the briefing session. Please help so that i can be a GoGetter

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    mohd helmi bin din

    how can i able to get the briefing session.need a help to be a gogetter

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    Athirah Ismail

    Hi, I have subscribed to be notify for next available training sessions. I have registered to be a go getter about a month a go but unable to attend the training previously. So, one of your staff have advised me to apply again on next Monday. Unfortunately, I kept on received this message under step 2

    "Timetable for training sessions will be available for your selection next MONDAY. Thank you for your patience."

    I have never received any notification on new training sessions.

    Please help, thank you.

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