What is "payment by GoGetter"?




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    Rashid Ismail

    Why do I have to pay a few percentage of my earnings to GoGet? Correct me if I'm wrong ya' but in order for me to become a GoGetter..I have to first..let say..to buy goods to client..use my own money for the customers goods,petrol and toll whereby they will reimbursed back the total cost after I completed the task.On my part on the other hand,I have to then pass a bit of my total task earning(15% to be exact) to you guys as commission.Why is that so? And di mana untungnya for me if the client pays ngam ngam to me for the goods,petrol and toll.Hope you can clarify.

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    Deandra Rose

    Totally what I was thinking! Thanks Rashid for pointing it out.. Hope admin can reply to this.

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